More “1,000 days of IRS scandal” coverage: Dean Caron in USA Today, National Review

February 9, 2016 — Following articles published by The College Fix and featured in Fox News that discussed Dean Caron’s “tireless” efforts to cover the 2013 story that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups, the 1,000-day milestone has also been recognized in op-eds published by USA Today and the National Review.

From USA Today:

Last week saw the passage of a grim milestone in government corruption: Pepperdine University Law Professor Paul Caron’s TaxProf blog marked the 1000th day of the scandal involving the IRS’s deliberate political targeting of conservative “Tea Party” groups. There are some lessons in this, and they’re mostly bad news.

From the National Review:

Thankfully, there is a law professor out there keeping tabs on this mess.

Last week, Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Paul Caron reached a milestone of sorts as he marked his 1,000th consecutive day chronicling all the developments in the IRS scandal since Day One. Every single day – including weekends and holidays – Caron has posted news developments on his popular TaxProf Blog to track this scandal, and 1,000-plus days later he is still going strong.

His long list of blog entries is a sight to behold and illustrates the depth of IRS malfeasance. Here’s a thanks to Professor Caron and his persistence.