Accessing Dockets on Bloomberg Law

Did you know that as a Pepperdine Law student, you can access dockets for free from Bloomberg Law? 

To get started, sign into Bloomberg Law with your individual ID and password. From the homepage, under Getting Started bloomberg homepage, select Dockets.

From here, you can search for dockets by court, keyword, docket number, judge, and more.





Updating Dockets in Bloomberg Law

Please note that at this time, dockets available in Bloomberg Law do not automatically update. This means that you must ensure the currency of each docket you access and update yourself if needed.

To update a docket in Bloomberg Law, please do the following:

(1)    After accessing a docket, check the top of the page for information on when the docket was last updated. If the docket is not up-to-date, please click on the “Update Docket” link at the top of the page.
bloomberg docket

(2)    After clicking on “Update Docket”, a pop-up window will appear indicating that a collection fee has been waived. Click Accept. (Please note: If you are asked to identify a client matter, leave that field blank.)

You should shortly receive an email alert from Bloomberg Law providing a link to the updated docket.

If you have questions about accessing dockets in Bloomberg Law, please contact a reference librarian.

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