Annual SBA Dodgeball Tournament: “Happily Ever After” brings end to rivals

On Friday, February 26 at 1:30pm, the doors of the “PepperDome” opened once more for the 12th Annual School of Law Dodgeball Tournament. This unique, Student Bar Association-sponsored tradition of holding a dodgeball tournament in the atrium provides a fun opportunity for exercise (and bragging rights) to students and faculty alike.


Participants in this year’s competition made up 14 teams: two faculty/staff teams and twelve student teams. Each team chose a representative name, from the faculty/staff groups “Acting in Self Defense” and the “Baller-inas” (dressed in tutus), to “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” students who had recently returned from their studies in the London program.


The tournament lasted about two hours while spectators watched from the floor above the atrium. A group of 2Ls suitably named “Happily Ever After” emerged happily as the winners.


(Janette Blair, Law Communications)


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