Researching Israeli Law

The law library recently subscribed to HeinOnline’s Israel Law Reports Library (Pepperdine Wavenet user credentials required for access). This library is a wonderful resource for students who want to find Israeli case law and legal secondary sources for their research projects, but who do not read Hebrew.

HeinOnline’s Israel Law Reports Library

This library has two components: the Israel Law Reports (1946-2006) and the Israel Law Review (1996-2010).

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New LawGuide: Sports Law Research

The Law Library recently published a new LawGuide: Sports Law Research. This research guide lists and discusses books, articles, electronic databases, and websites that are helpful for sports law research. Topics covered include general sports law, international sports law, women in sports, and ADR in sports.

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New LawGuide: Communications Law

The Law Library has just published a new Communications Law LawGuide. Communications law is a broad area covering such topics as media, the First Amendment, Internet regulation, and cable & television services. Materials featured in our LawGuide range from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and current awareness tools to  communications-specific law reviews and treatises. Read more

The U.S. Supreme Court begins a new term

Yesterday marked the start of a new term for the U.S. Supreme Court. SCOTUSblog, an excellent resource for all things Supreme Court-related, provides a thorough collection of previews of the term from publications such as The New York Times and CNN in its Monday Round-Up. You can also view a list of cases to be argued in the coming term on SCOTUSblog’s October 2012 term page. Here you can also find links to case pages which include case briefs, the opinion below, and a chronology of proceedings and orders.