Bloomberg Law Now Available to Pepperdine Law Students

The Harnish Law Library is pleased to announce our acquisition of Bloomberg Law, an integrated online legal research platform now available to Pepperdine Law students, faculty, and staff. Along with state and federal primary and secondary legal materials, Bloomberg provides access to extensive business & financial news and information. Another notable feature is the ability to access federal dockets as an alternative to PACER, as well as many state and even some international dockets. Registered students have free summer use of Bloomberg no matter where you will be working.

To log into Bloomberg, you must first activate your account. Visit and fill in all of the fields, then click Submit. (You do not need an activation code.) You will shortly receive an email with a temporary password, and can begin researching right away by signing in at If you have any questions, please contact Bloomberg 24/7customer support at 888-560-BLAW (2529).

Digital Commons Law Network Offers Open-Access Law Review Articles

BE Press Digital Commons, a web-based institutional repository for academic scholarship, recently introduced the Digital Commons Law Network. This site culls together PDFs of over 10,000 law review articles from over 160 law schools, including Pepperdine, that are hosted on Digital Commons. The articles are entirely open-access – meaning that they are free to you! Users can browse articles by sub-disciplines ranging from Constitutional Law to Science and Technology, or by the popularity of particular articles or authors (based on a month’s downloads).

New Law Library Acquisitions

The Harnish Law Library frequently adds new titles to our collection to support student and faculty research. Recently acquired titles include:

Also be sure to check out our Twitter page for frequent updates on new additions to our collection!