April 1-4: Bloomberg Law Student Trainings

From April 1-4, a Bloomberg Law representative will provide student trainings at Pepperdine Law. All sessions will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Library Training Lab. Sign up for a slot here and come check out the Law Library’s newest legal research platform! You can register for your Bloomberg Law account beforehand by visiting our Online Databases page and following the instructions under the Bloomberg Law entry.

Upcoming Changes to How Users Access Lexis

Currently Lexis users have separate user names and passwords for Lexis.com (the traditional Lexis interface) and the newer Lexis Advance.  Lexis acknowledges that this is inconvenient for users and has plans to implement a single ID registration system.

First introduced in 2010, 80% of Am Law 100 firms and 60% of Am Law 200 firms now have Lexis Advance, according to the company, with small firms and government customers “rapidly migrating” to the newer product as well.  The company predicts that, by the time current first year law students graduate, their prospective employers will be using Lexis Advance.  As customers shift to using Lexis Advance, the company is working to improve the content and functionality of Lexis Advance, with 99% of the content on Lexis.com now available on Lexis Advance and the remaining 1% expected to be added in 2013.

Lexis.com will still be available.  However, instead of needing an ID for each research product, users will have a single ID and will be able to access both Lexis Advance and Lexis.com through a single portal.  As part of the transition to a single ID system, Lexis.com IDs will be deactivated this summer.  It is important that users have a Lexis Advance ID before this happens so that they do not experience a gap in service.  If you do not yet have a Lexis Advance Id, please contact Gilbert Marquez at gmarquez@pepperdine.edu or stop by the reference desk for assistance.

Purchase Discounted Movie Tickets!

The Law Library is now selling discounted movie tickets!

Pepperdine Community Only

To Purchase Tickets:

1) Visit:  https://commerce.cashnet.com/L_LIM?itemcode=L_LIB-TK001  and purchase tickets using a credit card.

2)  Print receipt and take it to the Reference Office to pick up tickets.

3)  Enjoy the show! 

Types of Movie Tickets Available:

AMC:  $6.50–Special engagements excluded.  It is typically AMC’s policy to remove the restrictions after the second weekend of the film’s release.  No expiration.

Regal:  $6.50—Can be used at Regal, UA, Edwards and Signature.  Not valid for the first 12 days of “Selected” new release films, special engagements, or where prohibited by contractual obligations.  $1.50 upgrade fee may be paid at SOME box office locations for admission to restricted films.  No expiration.

Muvico:  $7.50–Not valid for select special engagements, Muvico IMAX Theatres, or The Premier Theatres.  Additional service charge for 3D movies.  No expiration.

Pacific:  $6.00—Cannot be used at El Capitan, Arclight or Cinerama Dome.  Restrictions on “no pass/special engagement” releases.  No expiration.

Regency: $7.00—Restrictions on special engagements, film festivals & VIP Auditorium.  Additional charge for 3D/DBOX film.  No expiration.


Tickets may be picked up Monday through Friday:  8am-4pm 

Library Stacks Sessions-Learning Legal Research Using Books

Concerned that you will need to do legal research using books in your summer employment?  Curious about all those books in the law library?  The law library will be offering “Stacks Sessions” from March 25-April 11 where students will work through a written legal research exercise using print materials.  Each session is limited to no more than 10 students and will last from 45 minutes to an hour.  The sessions will be led by a reference librarian, who will review the various print sources and answer questions.  For session times and to sign up, please go to the Law Library Scheduler at: http://law.pepperdine.libcal.com.lib.pepperdine.edu/ and click on the Stacks Session that you would like to attend.   For more information, contact Don Buffaloe at donald.buffaloe@pepperdine.edu.

Print Credit with a Credit Card

From Lawtech

Law Students Only

Starting today students can purchase additional printing credit via credit card online.

Harnish Law Library

Simply follow the link provided to CASHnet, enter your information (including CWID) and you’ll be able to purchase print credit. Allowable amounts range from $10 to $40.

Once your transaction is complete, show your receipt to the Reference Desk to receive credit (you don’t have to print it, merely show the screen of your phone, laptop or device). There are no forms to complete.

Please note: Do not attempt to add credit after hours, or otherwise when you are not able to show your receipt to the Reference Desk. If you cannot show your receipt, the Library cannot credit your printing account.

More Bloomberg BNA Resources Now Available at Pepperdine Law

Pepperdine Law students now have access to an impressive online library of Bloomberg BNA resources. These include a number of online current awareness and reference materials on a wide range of legal topics, from Antitrust and Criminal Law to Intellectual Property and Tax. Users can sign up for regular email updates. To begin using our Bloomberg BNA resources, visit our Online Databases page and click on the Bloomberg BNA link. After signing in with your Wavenet ID and password, you can view our list of BNA resources alphabetically or by subject.

Bloomberg BNA materials are also available through Bloomberg Law, our new general online legal research platform. If you are a Pepperdine Law student, staff, or faculty member, visit the Law Library’s Online Databases page for instructions on how to register for and begin using Bloomberg Law.

Judge Invalidates NYC Ban on the Sale of Large Sodas

Today a New York state judge issued a permanent injunction blocking the ban on the sale of large-sized sugary drinks in New York City. The ban, which NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg had spearheaded as an anti-obesity initiative, had been set to take effect on March 12. The judge called the rule “arbitrary and capricious” by targeting only some food establishments and covering only certain types of drinks. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration plans to challenge the injunction. You can read more about the decision on news sources such as The New York Times website, or on Bloomberg Law under Legal Analysis and News – TOP News (Pepperdine Law School users only).

For 1Ls: Law Library Resources on Formatting Your Brief

The Harnish Law Library understands that as you write your briefs you may have questions about formatting.  To assist you, we have published a LawGuide called Formatting Your Brief: Help With Frequently Asked Microsoft Word Questions, which includes PC- and Mac-based instructions on tasks such as creating a table of authorities or removing personal data from your document.  We have also prepared Quick Guides on preparing tables of authorities, which are available for download from the LawGuide.
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