For 1Ls: Law Library Resources on Formatting Your Appellate Brief

The Harnish Law Library understands that as you write your appellate briefs, you may have questions about formatting in Microsoft Word. To assist you, we have published a LawGuide called Formatting Your LRW Appellate Brief: Instructions and Tips for 1Ls. This LawGuide includes both step-by-step video tutorials and PDF instructions for various formatting tasks, such as creating a table of authorities or adding different types of page numbers to your document. Our instructions are tailored to both Mac and PC users.

If you have additional formatting questions after using our LawGuide, stop by a Law Library help session beginning March 18 for one-on-one assistance (first come, first served). All sessions will be held in the Law Library learning lab.

Help Session Schedule

Wednesday, March 18: 12:30-1:30 pm, 3:30-5 pm
Thursday, March 19: 12:30-1:30 pm, 4-5 pm
Friday, March 20: 12:30-4 pm
Monday, March 23: 10:15 am-1:30 pm, 3:30-5 pm

Good luck with your assignment!


For 1Ls: Law Library Resources on Formatting Your Brief

The Harnish Law Library understands that as you write your briefs you may have questions about formatting.  To assist you, we have published a LawGuide called Formatting Your Brief: Help With Frequently Asked Microsoft Word Questions, which includes PC- and Mac-based instructions on tasks such as creating a table of authorities or removing personal data from your document.  We have also prepared Quick Guides on preparing tables of authorities, which are available for download from the LawGuide.
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New LawGuide: Sports Law Research

The Law Library recently published a new LawGuide: Sports Law Research. This research guide lists and discusses books, articles, electronic databases, and websites that are helpful for sports law research. Topics covered include general sports law, international sports law, women in sports, and ADR in sports.

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New LawGuide: Communications Law

The Law Library has just published a new Communications Law LawGuide. Communications law is a broad area covering such topics as media, the First Amendment, Internet regulation, and cable & television services. Materials featured in our LawGuide range from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and current awareness tools to  communications-specific law reviews and treatises. Read more

New LawGuide for Faculty Research Assistants

The Law Library’s LawGuides now features a Guide to the Law Library for Faculty Research Assistants. This guide outlines library policies and services available to RAs and suggests a number of helpful online resources for starting your faculty research. Also included are tips on working with faculty and their reference librarian liaisons to ensure a successful research experience.

The RA guide is only one of many research guides, or LawGuides, that the Law Library has created to assist student research and use of the library. Most of the Lawguides are subject-specific and point students towards helpful materials available in print or online via the Law Library. We also feature guides on library policies, how to use the catalog, and even on using Microsoft Word! Visit our LawGuides homepage to get started.