E-Resource Spotlight: Casetext

Casetext is a new free legal resource tool that combines research and analysis with   networking capabilities.  Founded and run by a team of attorneys and engineers, Casetext aims to make the law more accessible and more understandable by providing a community where people can easily interact and discuss the law.  The databases’s crowdsourcing approach to research has been discussed in a variety of articles and blogs, including this ABA Journal article.

Legal Research: Searching for primary sources is simple and straight forward.  You can search by case name, citation, keyword or phrase.  A quick glance to the Quick Facts section provides the holding, summary and key facts of a case.  Save cases, statutes, and regulations with bookmarks and easily return to where you left off.

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Finding case law for free using Google Scholar

You might know that you can search for law journal articles for free on Google Scholar. Did you know that you can use Google Scholar to search for case law as well? It’s a great alternative to subscription databases such as Westlaw and Lexis.

To search for cases visit the Google Scholar homepage at scholar.google.com and select the button for “Legal Documents” (located just underneath the search bar).

If you know the name of a case relevant to your research, one strategy to search for other cases is to type in the case name, for example “Brown v. Board of Education”:

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