Upcoming Changes to How Users Access Lexis

Currently Lexis users have separate user names and passwords for Lexis.com (the traditional Lexis interface) and the newer Lexis Advance.  Lexis acknowledges that this is inconvenient for users and has plans to implement a single ID registration system.

First introduced in 2010, 80% of Am Law 100 firms and 60% of Am Law 200 firms now have Lexis Advance, according to the company, with small firms and government customers “rapidly migrating” to the newer product as well.  The company predicts that, by the time current first year law students graduate, their prospective employers will be using Lexis Advance.  As customers shift to using Lexis Advance, the company is working to improve the content and functionality of Lexis Advance, with 99% of the content on Lexis.com now available on Lexis Advance and the remaining 1% expected to be added in 2013.

Lexis.com will still be available.  However, instead of needing an ID for each research product, users will have a single ID and will be able to access both Lexis Advance and Lexis.com through a single portal.  As part of the transition to a single ID system, Lexis.com IDs will be deactivated this summer.  It is important that users have a Lexis Advance ID before this happens so that they do not experience a gap in service.  If you do not yet have a Lexis Advance Id, please contact Gilbert Marquez at gmarquez@pepperdine.edu or stop by the reference desk for assistance.

Comparative Law Research with Martindale-Hubbell Law Digests

When starting a comparative law research project, one helpful research tool is the Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest, which is available to Pepperdine law students through the LexisNexis legal database. This resource provides short, basic explanations of laws and legal principles from many jurisdictions around the world.

The digest is organized by geographical region, as follows:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East/Africa
  • North America
  • South America

An “International” digest of laws from over 80 countries is also available.

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