Essays, Reviews, & Other Correspondence

In addition to traditional articles and student notes/comments, the Pepperdine Law Review publishes essays, book reviews, and other forms of academic correspondence in our Annual Volume.  These pieces receive a Pepperdine Law Review citation format similar to traditional lead articles.  We publish them on the Pepperdine Law Review website and upload them to Westlaw, Lexis, and Digital Commons individually, as they become ready.

The Content

(5000-15,000+ words)

Essays are essentially short form law review articles that typically address novel issues of particular relevance and interest to the legal academic community.   However, because they are written for a peer audience, they are subject to significantly fewer stylistic restrictions.  For example, authors are encouraged to experiment with structure, engage in more active hypotheticals, and forward novel analyses.  Moreover, while footnotes should not be abandoned completely, the traditional ‘footnote every substantive assertion’ requirement is significantly relaxed.

Traditional Book Reviews
(5000-10000 words)

Book reviews provide opportunities to advance ongoing legal conversations by anchoring essays and commentaries in a substantial work by a different author.  Our preferred practice involves selecting books for review in December and soliciting reviewers in January.  However, we also welcome reviews of legal books published within six months of submission.

(2000-5000 words)

Commentaries are concise but well-reasoned scholarly pieces on current topics, statutes, regulations, and decisions prepared by members of the legal academy, bench, and bar.  Their short length allows for very rapid publication.

Multi-Author Discussions
(2000 word opening statements, 1000 word rebuttals, and 500 word closing statements)

We organize brief discussions between scholars on timely issues.  Opening statements and rebuttals are published to the PLR website on consecutive Mondays.  Closing statements are published Friday of the second week.

Questions and comments should be emailed to our Essays and Reviews Editor at, subject heading “PLR Essays and Reviews.” Please note that we strongly prefer submission via Scholastica.

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