Issue 1 - December 2019 Filling the Illinois Federal District Court Vacancies

Filling the Illinois Federal District Court Vacancies

Article By: Carl Tobias 47 PEPP. L. REV. 115 (2019) President Donald Trump repeatedly argues that appellate court appointments constitute his major success. The President and the United States Senate Republican Party majority have established records by approving fifty very conservative, young, and capable appellate court jurists. However, their confirmations have exacted a toll, particularly …

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Issue 1 – January 2018 Economic Protectionism: Irrationally Constitutional

Economic Protectionism: Irrationally Constitutional

Comment by: Joshua Park 45 PEPP. L. REV. 149 (2018) The Constitution is built on the principle that all citizens are created equal. Naturally, we believe that no law should be passed solely for the sake of benefiting one group over another. Yet, governments continue to pass economic regulations that have no purpose other than …

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