In Search of Sanctuary: Strengthening the Church’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence

Thu, October 12 & Fri, October 13 2017 | 8:30 am – 1:00 pm | Wilburn Auditorium (Drescher Graduate Campus) — Please join Pepperdine University’s School of Law, Seaver College, and Graduate School of Education and Psychology for “In Search of Sanctuary: Strengthening the Church’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence.” The conference will address interdisciplinary and interdenominational responses to intimate partner violence and complex intersecting issues. Speakers and conferees will discuss faith-based and secular responses to Intimate Partner Violence based in policy and practice, culture and law. Pepperdine University invites pastors, lawyers, academics, professionals, and all faith leaders to participate with speakers representing diverse disciplines and institutions. Our faith communities face a critical moment of reckoning about our responses to the current crisis of intimate partner violence and survivor well-being. Pepperdine University hopes that this conference can advance our communities toward restoration and honor for those affected by intimate partner violence.

Prominent keynote speakers include Dr. Rev. Marie Fortune and The Mend Project, and multidisciplinary panels and guided networking sessions will address these complex issues and generate ideas for creative collaboration to address survivors and their faith communities. Enjoy breakfast and lunch with others committed to addressing this widespread phenomenon.

This conference was funded by the Pepperdine Cross-School Collaborative Research Program.

Pepperdine students, alumni, faculty, and staff may attend free of charge.  Please see

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