Chris Goodman speaks on “Implicit Bias in Our Justice System” at University of Memphis School of Law Conference

December 6, 2016 | By Kylie Larkin —¬†Professor Christine Chambers Goodman spoke on a panel titled “Implicit Bias In Our Justice System, Law Enforcement, Educational Institutions, the Media, and the Business World” at a conference on “Implicit (Unconscious) Bias: A New Look at an Old Problem.” The conference was¬†held at the University of Memphis Cecil B. Humphreys School of Law on November 18.

From the conference program for “Implicit (Unconscious) Bias: A New Look at an Old Problem:

Thought by some to be an “old” problem, explicit bias continues to influence virtually all areas of American life including the business world, the media, education, and our justice systems. In addition, decision-makers may also be influenced by implicit (unconscious) bias. How implicit bias operates including strategies that will assist decision-makers in recognizing, shaping and managing its influence is the subject of this must-attend conference that will provide “A New Look At An Old Problem.”

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