David Han presents “Terrorist Propaganda and Exceptional Circumstances” — Fordham Law Review symposium

April 7, 2017 | by Kylie Larkin — Professor David S. Han presented “Terrorist Propaganda and Exceptional Circumstances” today at a Fordham Law Review symposium.  The symposium, on “Terrorist Incitement on the Internet,” examined the balance between speech and national security concerns.

Via the symposium program:

Constitutional protections on the expression of ideas entitle users of social media to speak without state interference, yet terrorist organizations exploit the Internet for nefarious purposes. At stake is government’s duty to protect communicative liberty while shoring up national security against terrorist schemes of recruitment, solicitation, indoctrination, and incitement. The event will be of interest to the law school community, news media, politicians, and academics around the country. The gathering will include leading luminaries on speech and national security to reflect on these two competing interests—the first libertarian in its treatment of free speech and the second defense oriented.

Additional information may be found at fordhamlaw