Deconstructing Legal Analysis: Peter Wendel takes series on the road

October 11, 2016 — Professor Peter T. Wendel is wrapping up a series of talks that he delivers at schools around the country each fall in the form of an Academic Success Workshop titled “Deconstructing Legal Analysis.”  In addition to conducting the workshop as part of Pepperdine’s Launch Week, Professor Wendel made presentations at the following law schools:

  • Arizona State University – Oct. 7th
  • Boston University School of Law – Sept. 30th
  • Creighton Law School – Sept. 15th
  • DePaul University School of Law – Sept. 22nd
  • George Washington University School of Law – Oct. 1st
  • Harvard University School of Law – Sept. 29th
  • University of Las Vegas School of Law – Nov. 5th
  • Loyola Law School – Sept. 27th
  • University of Notre Dame School of Law – Sept. 23rd
  • St. Thomas School of Law – Oct. 28th
  • Santa Clara University School of Law – Sept. 9th/16th
  • Washington University (St. Louis) School of Law – Oct. 27th

Professor Wendel’s appearance at Creighton University also included a presentation to faculty titled “Final Exams, Faculty Feedback, and Academic Success.”

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