Dispute Resolution Law Journal Eighteenth Editorial Board

March 20 , 2017 | From the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal —

The Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal is pleased to announce its ​Eighteenth Editorial Board:

​​Editor​-​in​-​Chief​: ​Nicole Hogan

​​Managing Editor​: ​​Jessica Becerra
​Executive Editors: Marcanne Hyjek, ​Nwadiuto Amajoyi, Matthew Chung, and Daniel Velladao

​​Lead Articles Editors​: ​Michelle Curtis and Miguel Del Mundo

​​Student Articles Editors​: Vivian Cheung and Kyle Shiroma​

​​Symposium Editor​: Jenna King​

​​Business & Technical Editor​: ​​Abraham Reinherz​

​Literary Citation Editors: Catherine Price, Yumiko Gibson, ​and Elizabeth Evashwick

​​In addition, the following student articles will be published in Volume XVI​I​I:

​Aryanah Eghbal, Keep Calm and Negotiate On: The United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union and Suggestions for a Smooth Departure.

Kyle Shiroma, How Higher Education Ombudsman Systems Can Benefit by Implementing Modified Restorative Justice Practices.

Jessica Becerra, The Possibility of Using Alternative Dispute Resolution for Election Law Disputes.

Abraham Reinherz, Uniting Foes of a Single Nation: Religious Dispute Resolution for India and Pakistan.

Catherine Price, Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa: Is Alternative Dispute Resolution the Bridge Between Traditional and Modern Dispute Resolution?

Nicole Hogan, Arbitration and Protection Under the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment, or Punishment.​