Elisabeth Johnson (Class of 2018) for ABA: “Using Mindfulness to Combat PTSD in Veterans” (Access to Justice for Veterans Conference)

November 11, 2016 — Elisabeth Johnson (Class of 2018) has contributed an article to the American Bar Association Law Student Division titled “Using Mindfulness to Combat PTSD in Veterans,” a review of Pepperdine School of Law’s recent Access to Justice for Veterans: Coordinated Responses of a Grateful Nation conference. The conference, held on November 3-4, 2016, was organized by Professor Jeff Baker, Director of Clinical Education at the law school.

From the ABA for Law Students:

“The overall theme of the Justice for Veterans conference was gratitude. As a nation and as a community, the intense and sincere gratitude that we feel in our hearts for veterans and those currently serving our country is something with which we must never lose touch. With this in mind, Pepperdine University has a stated goal of honoring veterans through its implementation of the Yellow Ribbon Program, which allows veterans to attend Pepperdine’s various schools tuition-free, and through educational experiences like the Justice for Veterans conference. The larger Malibu community where Pepperdine is located also is committed to serving and appreciating veterans. For example, Rick Mullen, Malibu Fire Captain, current city council candidate, and a veteran who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gulf War, said, ‘I am sympathetic to the evolution of one’s mind after service or after someone returns from war. Nowadays, even people who are ardently against war, are clear to distinguish that the servicemen and women deserve gratitude, support, and recognition.'”

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