Help with Formatting in Microsoft Word: Page Numbering, Section Breaks, and More

September 20, 2016 — We often receive questions in the library about how to achieve different formatting tasks in Microsoft Word, such as adding page and section breaks, inserting two different sets of page numbers in your document, or creating a table of contents. If this sounds like you, never fear – there’s a LawGuide for that!

LawGuides are the Law Library’s research and library guides meant to assist students with everything from starting legal research to finding materials in the library. We have prepared a specialized LawGuide addressing frequently asked formatting questions for Microsoft Word users. While the guide is geared toward 1Ls preparing their spring appellate brief assignments, any student may find our instructions helpful for completing a variety of written projects.

Topics covered in our Word formatting LawGuide include:

  • Using Styles to Format Font and Line Spacing
  • Adding Page Numbers
  • Inserting a Table of Authorities or Table of Contents
  • Removing Personal Data
  • Troubleshooting in Word: Addressing Weird Page Breaks, Unexplained Blank Spaces, and More

For most of the formatting tasks listed above, we have prepared downloadable instructions and helpful video tutorials for both PC and Mac users. We also link to other Word formatting resources on the web. Simply hover over any topic listed in the guide’s Table of Contents to find the instructions you need, as shown below:


Visit to get started! To access any of our other Lawguides, visit the Law Library homepage and click on Research Help (under Reference Services).

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