Jeff Baker reviews “Building on Best Practices” — Journal of Legal Education

August 8, 2016 —  Professor Jeffrey R. Baker has published Book Review, 65 J. Legal Educ. 988 (2016) (SSRN) reviewing Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World by Deborah a. Maranville, Lisa Bliss, Carolyn Wilkes Kaas, and Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (2015).

Abstract of Book Review:

Building on Best Practices is a worthy addition to the canon of literature on reforming legal education. Before the Great Recession, without today’s pressing economic incentives, law schools made uneven strides to incorporate lessons from MacCrate, Best Practices, and Carnegie. Today, compounding economic crises and escalating accreditation requirements make reform urgent, necessary, and inevitable. To demonstrate that law schools can still add value to careers and society, legal educators must grapple with structural changes that affect every aspect of teaching, learning and researching. Building on Best Practices provides diverse expertise and useful guidance on approaching these challenges and on improving and expanding the enterprise of legal education.

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