John Niedermann (JD ’94) featured by LA Times: “Prosecutor leading pill mill battle”

April 28, 2016 — Pepperdine Law alumnus John Niedermann (JD ’94) was featured in a recent Los Angeles Times article, “Prosecutor leading pill mill battle.”  Niedermann, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, prosecutes doctors who overprescribe opioid painkillers.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Mark Nomady, a recently retired agent with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration who played a key role in doctor prosecutions in Southern California, said Niedermann’s work has helped establish the district attorney’s office as one of the country’s leading prosecutorial agencies on the issue. He described Niedermann as a fearless prosecutor willing to take on tough cases.

“With Niedermann, if there’s a chance, he’ll take it — 100%,” Nomady said. “He definitely is aggressive…. L.A. is way ahead of the curve.”

The district attorney’s efforts come amid an opioid overdose epidemic ravaging the nation. Last month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged the medical community to stop prescribing addictive painkillers for common ailments, calling the problem “doctor-driven.”

The opioid epidemic hadn’t started when Niedermann, now 46, graduated from law school at Pepperdine in 1994…

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