Michael Helfand and Derek Muller publish articles on Trump’s First 100 Days — University of Illinois Law Review

May 1, 2017 | By Kylie Larkin — Pepperdine Law professors Michael Helfand and Derek Muller have published articles in the University of Illinois Law Review Symposium, titled “Examining Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: His Plan, Promises, and Pursuit of Making America Great Again.”

Excerpt of “A New Age for Religious Minorities?” by Michael Helfand:

Few groups have experienced more tumult during the first 100 days of the Trump administration—and, in fact, much of the past year—than religious minorities. Much of this ominous sense stems from the ramp up, and then enactment, of the administration’s travel ban, which, in both its first and second iterations, targeted immigrants from Muslim-majority countries for extreme vetting when attempting to enter the United States.

The complete article may be found at https://illinoislawreview.org/symposium/first-100-days/a-new-age-for-religious-minorities/

Excerpt of “Three Divergent Election-Law Decisions in the Early Trump Administration” by Derek Muller:

After an improbable presidential election with divisive primaries, needless recounts, and an attempted Electoral College coup, it is little surprise that election law has attracted early attention in Donald Trump’s administration. In three areas—the role of the Justice Department, a commission on voter fraud, and a commitment to election-system security—the administration took the first steps to address perceived concerns. Each decision took a different political turn. And, the impact each decision will have remains an open question.

The complete article maybe found at https://illinoislawreview.org/symposium/first-100-days/three-divergent-election-law-decisions-in-the-early-trump-administration/

More on the symposium may be found at illinoislawreview.org