Organizing your legal research using Clipboard

When conducting legal research online, have you ever wished for a way to organize hyperlinks to relevant information all in one place — without having to save or print an endless amount of materials? Clipboard may be for you! Clipboard is an online service that allows users to collect snippets of interesting website content all in one place. (It’s similar to Pinterest, but offers more comprehensive privacy settings.)

Using Clipboard is easy and even fun. To get started, visit and set up an account. Clipboard will then let you install a “clipper” in your browser:

When you navigate to a website and see content that you want to save to your Clipboard account, select the clipper, and use it to highlight as much or as little of the content as you want. After you designate tags for the selected content, your links will show up in your Clipboard account as webpage snippets.

As an example (see below), I saved a link to a law review article to Clipboard for future reference:

Clipboard is just one of many tools out there that can help make organizing your research easy, efficient and even visually appealing! If you have questions about using Clipboard, please contact Alyssa Thurston, Research Services Librarian.

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