Caron, Paul L. and Soled, Jay A., New Prominence of Tax Basis in Estate Planning (March 28, 2016). Tax Notes, Vol. 150, p. 1569

April 24, 2016 — Pepperdine Law professor Paul L. Caron has published “New Prominence of Tax Basis in Estate Planning” 150 Tax Notes 1569 (2016), with Jay A. Soled of Rutgers University.

Abstract of “New Prominence of Tax Basis in Estate Planning”:

In this article, Caron and Soled discuss how section 1014(b)(6) offers a bridge for taxpayers to maximize the tax basis they have in their assets. Whether Congress should retain this anachronistic provision is an open issue. The authors explain the historical background of section 1014(b)(6), demonstrate the potential income tax savings from applying it, and outline several planning strategies to achieve those savings.

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