WATCH: Tom Stipanowich interviews Nelson Mandela’s fellow prisoner at Robben Island

October 5, 2016 — In fall of 2012, Professor Tom Stipanowich went to South Africa to interview Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (An edited version of that interview is available on YouTube.) Tom accompanied Eddie Daniels, an anti-apartheid activist and fellow prisoner of Nelson Mandela, for a tour of the old cell-block at Robben Island Prison and a discussion of their experiences there.  The complete interview and two short vignettes from that interview are now also available on YouTube:

Vignette #1: Nelson Mandela’s Empathy and Kindness to a Fellow Prisoner at Robben Island Prison

Vignette#2: Inside Nelson Mandela’s Cell at Robben Island Prison

Full Video: On Robben Island with Nelson Mandela: An Interview with Fellow Prisoner Eddie Daniels by Pepperdine Law Professor Tom Stipanowich (complete interview)