Domestic violence in the American Christian Church: Professor Tanya Cooper receives Pepperdine grant

February 7, 2016 — Pepperdine Law professor Tanya Cooper and her research partner, Dr. Roslyn Satchel, have received a $9,000 award from Pepperdine’s Community-Based Research Program towards their project, Domestic Violence in the American Christian Church: Current Trends & Effective Resources.

“This project examines domestic violence in the American Christian Church: the incidence, narratives, theories, and responses; and strives to help churches navigate this problem safely and successfully,” says Professor Cooper. “Through interdisciplinary research methodology, this project aims to l) study how churches welcome and care for victims in their congregations, 2) educate on the ethical, psychological, legal, and restorative theories/dynamics underlying domestic violence, as well as 3) provide church congregations and leaders with knowledge, curricula, and resources to effectively address this nationwide epidemic of domestic violence.”

Professor Cooper’s research partner, Roslyn M. Satchel (Ph.D., J.D., M.Div.), is an Assistant Professor of Communication, Seaver College.

Together with some of community and national partners, Professors Cooper and Satchel will be presenting their work on this topic at a panel at the 2016 Christian Scholars Conference in Nashville this June.  They will also be presenting at an upcoming Faculty Research Workshop on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

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