Purchase Discounted Movie Tickets!

The Law Library is now selling discounted movie tickets!

Pepperdine Community Only

To Purchase Tickets:

1) Visit:  https://commerce.cashnet.com/L_LIM?itemcode=L_LIB-TK001  and purchase tickets using a credit card.

2)  Print receipt and take it to the Reference Office to pick up tickets.

3)  Enjoy the show! 

Types of Movie Tickets Available:

AMC:  $6.50–Special engagements excluded.  It is typically AMC’s policy to remove the restrictions after the second weekend of the film’s release.  No expiration.

Regal:  $6.50—Can be used at Regal, UA, Edwards and Signature.  Not valid for the first 12 days of “Selected” new release films, special engagements, or where prohibited by contractual obligations.  $1.50 upgrade fee may be paid at SOME box office locations for admission to restricted films.  No expiration.

Muvico:  $7.50–Not valid for select special engagements, Muvico IMAX Theatres, or The Premier Theatres.  Additional service charge for 3D movies.  No expiration.

Pacific:  $6.00—Cannot be used at El Capitan, Arclight or Cinerama Dome.  Restrictions on “no pass/special engagement” releases.  No expiration.

Regency: $7.00—Restrictions on special engagements, film festivals & VIP Auditorium.  Additional charge for 3D/DBOX film.  No expiration.


Tickets may be picked up Monday through Friday:  8am-4pm 

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