Researching Comparative Constitutional Law: HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated Library

HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated Library features comparative constitutional materials from around the world. This library compiles these materials in a way that is easy to browse, highly searchable, and extensively cross-referenced.

This library includes actual constitutional texts. It also contains historical and current secondary sources that discuss the constitutional development for every country in its collection.

To illustrate researching in the library, assume that you would like to research the historical progression of English/UK constitutional law by reviewing primary sources. Through World Constitutions Illustrated, you can gain access to all of the following documents, which comprise a nearly 800-year span:

  • Magna Carta of 1215
  • Magna Carta of 1223-5
  • Petition of Right of 1627
  • Habeas Corpus Act of 1679
  • International Criminal Court Act of 2001
  • Constitutional Reform Act of 2005

As for current and historical constitutional law secondary sources, World Constitutions Illustrated provides access to commentaries, scholarly articles, and bibliographies for each country represented in the database. Both English and non-English language titles are available.

If you are Pepperdine law student, to access this resource, visit the Law Library’s homepage, and click the Online Databases link. Select HeinOnline from the database list, and enter your Wavenet user credentials. Then, click World Constitutions Illustrated in the libraries list.

World Constitutions Illustrated continues to grow and expand all of the time. If you are researching comparative constitutional law, this is an invaluable, must-see resource.

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