Researching Israeli Law

The law library recently subscribed to HeinOnline’s Israel Law Reports Library (Pepperdine Wavenet user credentials required for access). This library is a wonderful resource for students who want to find Israeli case law and legal secondary sources for their research projects, but who do not read Hebrew.

HeinOnline’s Israel Law Reports Library

This library has two components: the Israel Law Reports (1946-2006) and the Israel Law Review (1996-2010).

Israel Law Reports

The Israel Law Reports is a case law reporter that includes English translations of judicial decisions from the Supreme Court of Israel, organized chronologically by year. Each yearly volume of the reporter also includes a table of reported English-language cases, with subject-based keywords provided for each case listed in the table.

HeinOnline also provides a link to search for U.S. and foreign law review articles within its Law Journal Library that include citations to opinions published in the Israel Law Reports.

HeinOnline provides access to the Israel Law Reports published through 2006. More recent case law from the Supreme Court of Israel is available through Israel’s Judicial Authority website.

Israel Law Review

The Israel Law Review is the primary English-langauge secondary source for information about Israeli law. It is published three times a year by the Law Faculty at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In addition to providing the full-text of articles from this publication, HeinOnline also offers a citator feature. Once you find a relevant article on your topic, click the checkmark at the top of the screen to view more recently-published materials from throughout the HeinOnline libraries (including law review articles and treatises from around the world) that cite your article. This is a great way to find additional relevant sources for your research.

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