Rick Cupp featured on BBC radio documentary “Almost Human Rights”

January 17, 2017 | By Alexa Brown — Professor Rick Cupp was interviewed in Ireland for the BBC radio documentary “Almost Human Rights.” It originally aired on December 20th: listen here.

Professor Cupp has been published several times this past year, including “Cognitively Impaired Humans, Intelligent Animals, and Legal Personhood” in the Florida Law Review; “Animals as More Than ‘Mere Things’ but Still Property,” published by the University of Cincinnati Law Review; “Claws for concern: Hillary Clinton is conveniently vague when it comes to animal rights” an article considering Clinton’s position paper on animal protection; and “Gorilla’s Death Calls for Human Responsibility, Not Animal Personhood” published at TheConversation. Professor Cupp has proven to be a trusted and committed source when discussing animal welfare law. He has advised organizations including the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Neuroscience, the National Association for Biomedical Research, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Animal Health Institute.