Rick Cupp interviewed regarding Nonhuman Rights Project v. Lavery — Legal Talk Network

July 10, 2017 | By Kylie Larkin — Professor Richard L. Cupp was recently interviewed on the Legal Talk Network’s “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” podcast regarding the recent landmark New York appellate ruling on nonhuman animal legal personhood in Nonhuman Rights Project v. Lavery.  Professor Cupp authored an amicus brief in the case, titled “Litigating Nonhuman Animal Legal Personhood,” which was cited in the decision.

The podcast is available at legaltalknetwork.com

In addition, JDSupra referred to Professor Cupp’s amicus brief in an article titled, “Words Matter – Chimpanzees Are Not ‘Clients'”:

Citing to and relying the amicus brief filed by Pepperdine Law Professor Richard Cupp the court held that animal are not legal persons because they are unable to bear legal duties, or to be held legally accountable for their actions.  The Court described and rejected petitioner’s repeated attempts to have courts grant “personhood status” to chimpanzees.

The complete article may be found at www.jdsupra.com

“Litigating Nonhuman Animal Legal Personhood” may be found at papers.ssrn.com