Shelley Saxer quoted in “Casper council members frustrated by liquor licenses” — Casper Star Tribune

August 1, 2016 —  Professor Shelley Saxer is quoted in a Casper Star Tribune article titled, “Casper council members frustrated by liquor licenses, experts say cap impedes business.”  The article considers the effect of a Wyoming statue that limits the number of liquor licenses municipalities can issue based on population.  Casper city council members are in favor expanding the availability of licenses, but business owners who own existing licenses are opposed to reforming population restrictions.

Via the Casper Star Tribune:

Shelley Ross Saxer, a law professor at Pepperdine University, said the current licensees might have a case against the government if the value of their licenses were diluted by an expansion, though it would be a long shot.

“It’s a government-created market where the government may cause you to lose value,” Saxer said. “Somebody could make a claim, but I don’t think it would be successful.”

Poplar Wine and Spirits owner Mike Reid agreed that licensees would be unlikely to see any kind of compensation.

“It’ll probably never happen,” said Reid, who is also the legislative chairman of the Wyoming State Liquor Association.

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Professor Saxer addressed the issue of liquor licensing regulation in her article License to Sell: Constitutional Protection Against State or Local Government Regulation of Liquor Licensing, 22 Hastings Const. L. Q. 441 (1995).

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