Trey Childress named to Institute for Transnational Arbitration Academic Council

August 1, 2016 — Professor Donald Earl (Trey) Childress has been named to the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) Academic Council.  He will join Professor Thomas J. Stipanowich on the 40-person council, which is comprised of the top academics in international arbitration.

 About the ITA Academic Council:

Since its foundation, the ITA has had a deep commitment to scholarship, and nowhere is this reflected better than in its Academic Council, made up of the top academics in the field of international arbitration. The Academic Council is a key constituent body of the ITA, intimately involved in its leadership, the preparation of its programs, and its publications and educational videos. It takes the lead in organizing the ITA-ASIL Conference each year in Washington, D.C..

The ITA is one of seven educational institutes of the Center for American and International  Law (CAIL).  Professor Jack J. Coe is on the Executive Committee of CAIL.

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