Vive la France!

The law library recently added a few new titles to the collection that you can use to research French law and legal principles.

Principles of French Law is a comprehensive introductory treatise on the French legal system. It describes legal rules, as well as principles and values that have developed throughout the history of French law.

The book begins with a discussion of the sources of law in France: norms, legislation, codifications, and case law. This is followed by a description of the French judiciary. Then, several areas of French law are discussed in detail: procedure, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, family law, property law, the law of obligations, commercial law, and employment law. It concludes by discussing legal research and writing in France, and provides short descriptions of French legal sources.

French Law: A Comparative Approach is also an introductory treatise to the French legal system, albeit one with a slightly different approach. In addition to describing French law and legal principles, it also compares aspects of the French legal system to those in other jurisdictions.

For example, it compares the general approach to codification (“restructuring the rules of law as a coherent whole,” p. 39) in civil law countries, such as France, to that in common law countries, such as the United States and England. Several additional comparative examples, focusing on differences between France and England, are also provided, including judicial recruitment, legal education, contract law, and property law.

Sources of Constitutional Law: Constitutions and Fundamental Legal Provisions from the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the ECHR and the EU is a collection of constitutional sources, including constitutions, codes, statutes, and conventions, in these jurisdictions. All of the materials have been translated into English. French materials include the Constitution, the Declaration of 1789, and the Electoral Code.

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