Alexander C. Tabolsky (JD ’17) Wins First Trial Following Law School

April 29, 2019 | Pepperdine Law alumnus Alexander C. Tabolsky (JD ’17), an associate attorney with Novian & Novian, LLP, has won his first trial following law school. Alexander recently obtained a complete defense finding after a four-day bench trial in a partnership dispute in the San Bernardino Superior Court.  The plaintiff alleged fraud, conspiracy and breach of fiduciary duty.

Alexander says, “When I was at law student at Pepperdine Law, I never imagined winning my first trial in my second year of practice.  I thought it would take several years into the practice before anyone would give me an opportunity to try a case.  After about a year of practicing law, I became confident that I was fully prepared to take cases to trial.  This confidence materialized to a large extent after achieving successful outcomes in over two dozen cases during my first year of practice, but the foundation of that confidence came from the knowledge and practical experience I gained from Pepperdine Law.”

“As this first trial was fast approaching, the significance of the knowledge and practical experience I gained from Pepperdine Law became readily apparent, especially the valuable lessons I learned from my Trial Practice course and the annual Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference.  In Trial Practice, I was taught valuable lessons in courtroom etiquette, ethics, decorum, direct and cross-examination, authenticating evidence, methods of impeachment, asserting objections, and the importance of telling a compelling story with strong themes.  The annual Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference – which I have attended for the past three years – reinforced those lessons and provided access to the nation’s best trial lawyers who candidly share firsthand knowledge and practical experience.  I brought all of that knowledge and practical experience with me into my first trial.”