Beverly Hills Bar Association Rule of Law Writing Competition 2019

Due: April 1, 2019 | Historically, the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation and Association have been closely tied to Rule of Law issues. This competition encourages law students to integrate Rule of Law concepts into their writings. The competition does not seek any particular point of view on the Rule of Law. Papers may be on any topic either directly discussing an aspect of the Rule of Law, demonstrating how the Rule of Law affected the topic, defining the Rule of Law, criticizing the Rule of Law, or demonstrating the economic social or political effects of the Rule of Law.

Prizes for the Rule of Law Competition will be awarded at the 65th Annual Beverly Hills Bar Association Supreme Court Luncheon on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Grand Prize is $2,500.00, with two Honorable Award prizes of $500.00 each.

The Rule of Law Writing Competition was initiated by former BHBF and BHBA President, Kenneth G. Petrulis; his firm, Goodson Wachtel and Petrulis, APC, is the donor of these awards.

Entries are due no later than April 1, 2019. Rules, topics and materials are available at

As Justice Anthony Kennedy said about The Rule of Law: “I want lawyers to be once again advocates for the Rule of Law. And this involves a reassessment by lawyers of very fundamental principles of democracy and of our culture and of our history, and freedom. So, I think of this in part as a way to re-energize the Bar so that the Bar can reaffirm and rededicate itself to these first principles…”

Your participation in this competition is an important step in that direction.

For more information contact Kenneth Petrulis: