Redressing Homelessness in Los Angeles

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm | Appellate Courtroom — Please join the Palmer Center for a panel discussion on “Homelessness- Legal Issues.” A panel of local professionals with legal, political and social expertise in the area of homelessness in Los Angeles will discuss the issues. Bringing these experts together will provide increased attention to a critical problem that continues to get worse. It will also be an opportunity for law students to become exposed to a live social problem impacting cities across the US and one regarding which they can hopefully make a lasting impact.

The homeless crisis has wide-ranging consequences to property owners and renters on the one hand and to the homeless themselves on the other. It is unclear if government services alone can adequately redress homelessness in Los Angeles. This finding has led local courts recently to increasingly limit the Police’s powers to remove homeless possessions as well the Sanitation Department’s authority to clean up homeless encampments. Since municipal authorities are not providing all the homeless with options of temporary shelter, local courts may continue to limit the former’s ability to restrict the latter’s right to occupy public spaces.

Panelists include:

Lew Horne- President, CBRE- Pacific Southwest
Theane Evangelis- Partner, Gibson Dunn
Alan Nissel- Moderator, Palmer Center Faculty Co-Director
Brittany Stringfelow-Otey- Director, Legal Aid Clinic

Lunch will be served.

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