Spring 2019 Final Exam Extended Study Hours

During Finals Study Period (4/22-5/10): The School of Law facility, most classrooms, and the School of Law cafeteria will remain unlocked and available for study 24 hours a day.  All School of Law classrooms will be open as usual during weekdays. Please note that Classroom B is designated for quiet study exclusively during evening and weekend hours (when not in use for examinations). This 24 hour access runs from the evening of Monday, April 22nd, through the morning of Friday, May 10, 2019.

The following rooms/areas will be open and accessible 24 hours a day for study by School of Law students during the above defined period:

School of Law Building:

  • School of Law Cafeteria (SOL Room 128C-3)
  • School of Law  Student Lounge (SOL Room 128C-5 & 128C-6)
  • Room A  (SOL Room 132)
  • Room F (SOL Room 112)
  • Room G (SOL Room 106)
  • Mendenhall Appellate Courtroom  (SOL Room 130)
  • Seminar Room 2  (SOL Room 131)
  • Seminar Room 3  (SOL Room 129)
  • Seminar Room 4  (SOL Room 122)
  • Seminar Room 5  (SOL Room 105)

The following rooms will be locked as usual, no overnight/after hours access is permitted:

  • Room C  (SOL Room 139)
  • Room D  (SOL Room 137)
  • Room E  (SOL Room 143)
  • Seminar Room 1  (SOL Room 142)
  • Darling Trial Courtroom  (SOL Room 113)
  • Jury Room (SOL Room 107)

Law Library:

The Law Library will be open as usual during the final exam period.

Please look at the Law Library’s full schedule to make your plans as the times change depending upon the day.

We wish you all the best as you prepare for your exams!

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