Chris Goodman, “Nevertheless She Persisted” — William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law

March 21, 2018 | Professor Christine Chambers Goodman‘s article, “Nevertheless She Persisted: From Mrs. Bradwell to Annalise Keating, Gender Bias in the Courtroom,” (SSRN) will be published in the William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law, volume 24 (2017).  The article considers the impact of gender bias on judges, lawyers, jurors, and potentially, trial outcomes.

Abstract of “Nevertheless She Persisted”:

Part I of this Article gives some brief background on the nature of implicit gender biases, and discusses the evolution of gender bias against female attorneys, with particular attention to how the media influences those biases. Part II analyzes the specific manifestations of gender bias in the courtroom. Part III addresses concrete strategies that law schools, firms, the bench, and bar can implement to reduce its impact.

Professor Goodman’s article was also featured on the Law & Humanities Blog, which may be found here