Derek Muller Quoted on Congressional Candidate — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

March 26, 2018 | Professor Derek T. Muller is quoted in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article, “GOP hopeful in Arkansas not on registered voter list.” The Reverend Randall Duane Caldwell is challenging U.S. Representative Bruce Westerman in the May 22 Republican primary, however, election officers in Garland County, Arkansas, can’t find Caldwell on their rolls. Caldwell is registered to vote in Texas.

Via the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Pepperdine University School of Law professor Derek Muller, who studies election law, said the U.S. Constitution wouldn’t prohibit a Texas voter from running for office in Arkansas.

“The Constitution doesn’t say you have to be a registered voter in your state to run for office. It just says you have to be of sufficient age and a citizen and an inhabitant of the state at time of election,” he said.

“Even if you live out of the state right now, you can move into the state and establish your inhabitancy by Election Day. So that shouldn’t be a barrier to the person running for office right now.”

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