Doug Kmiec Quoted on Governor George Deukmejian — Los Angeles Times

May 9, 2018 | Professor Douglas W. Kmiec, U.S. Ambassador (Ret.), is quoted in the Los Angeles Times article regarding former governor of California, George Deukmejian, “George Deukmejian dead at 89, public safety and law-and-order dominated two-term governor’s agenda.” Deukmejian was elected governor 1982 and 1986, and also served as a state legislator and state attorney general.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

“The governor wanted justice to be sure as well as just, and to be perceived as such by Californians,” said Douglas W. Kmiec, who was constitutional legal counsel in the Reagan and the George H.W. Bush presidencies. “Deukmejian’s judges tended to be law-and-order judges. They knew the law well, and they did not look to make new law from the bench.”

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