Ed Larson presents “Red Dawn Rising” at University of Minnesota colloquium

February 10, 2017 | By Kylie Larkin — Professor Ed Larson presented “Red Dawn Rising: the Sketchy History and Techno-thriller Prospects of Geoengineering” at the University of Minnesota as part of its Program in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, and Center for Philosophy of Science Colloquia Series.  The program was held on Friday, February 3 on the Minneapolis campus of the university.

Via the colloquium program:

Red Dawn Rising: the Sketchy History and Techno-thriller Prospects of Geoengineering

The global debate over the danger of human-caused climate change has spawned a secondary one over geoengineering as a possible human-instigated response with attention increasingly focusing on the intentional injection of sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere to cool the earth. Over the past two decades, this idea has moved from a crank concept supported by a few fringe technologists in Russia and the United States, such as H-Bomb physicist Edward Teller, to a theory whose study has been endorsed by such mainstream scientific organizations as the Royal Society, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change. With a friendly ear in the Kremlin and now the White House, the world may see a red dawn rising for geoengineering. This lecture will review its sketchy past and techno-thriller future.

More information on the series may found at www.hstm.umn.edu and at mcps.umn.edu