Harry Caldwell, “Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination” — South Carolina Law Review (forthcoming)

May 10, 2018 | Professor Harry M. Caldwell‘s article, “Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination: Nine Principles for Effective Cross Examinations with Supporting Empirical Evidence,” (SSRN) will be published in the South Carolina Law Review. The article advances nine principles to achieve an effective cross-examination in court cases.

Abstract of “Avoiding the Wrecking Ball of a Disastrous Cross Examination”:

Effective cross-examinations share the following three hallmarks: they recognize and strive only for realistic goals, they maintain witness control, and they cultivate and maintain rapport with the jurors. This article posits nine principles central to achieving these three overarching goals. Each goal is supported by empirical research and each principle is examined and illustrated.

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