Invitation to Ring the Bell in Celebration of Your Post-Grad Job Success

Any student in his or her final year of law school who accepts a post-graduate job offer or is accepted into a full-time post-graduate LLM program or fellowship at any time during the academic year is invited to celebrate with Dean Caron and others by ringing the new jobs bell outside the Dean’s Suite.

The bell symbolizes the law school’s commitment to do everything in our power to help each and every student secure post-graduation employment that launches them into successful careers. If convenient, you are encouraged to invite any friends, family, professors, staff, or CDO counselor who helped you secure your position. We welcome any and all to celebrate along with you. We will take photographs to create a lasting memory of your time at Pepperdine Law.

When you are ready to schedule a bell-ringing time, you may select up to three possible time slots from among any of the dates and times available at this link. Dean Caron will reply with a confirmation for one of the times you selected.

We look forward to hearing the bell begin to ring on successive occasions throughout the law school and helping you celebrate this important milestone in your professional career!