IPSA Board Application and Election Information

1Ls and 2Ls: As many of you may have noticed, the Intellectual Property Student Association has been inactive this past year. Many students and faculty have come forward to express their desire to utilize IPSA for further improving alumni relations, awareness and education about intellectual property law, and networking opportunities with intellectual property practitioners. In response, past IPSA leaders are working to elect a whole new board.

If you are interested in taking a leadership role with IPSA, please fill out the questionnaire at this link here. Roles and job descriptions are listed in the questionnaire. The deadline is April 27th, and you may want to start thinking about a “protectable” idea for the questionnaire. Some examples of a protectable idea include:

(1) A theme for an annual fundraiser, panel discussion, or alumni event;
(2) a business plan (or other money making event or contest);
(3) graphic arts (preferrably IPSA related);
(4) slogans (preferrably IP related);
(5) buzzworthy names for annual fundraisers, panels, or alumni events;
(6) and any other work product to improve IPSA internal procedures 🙂
(7) disclaimer: the new board WILL steal your idea

The purpose of the protectable idea question is not to determine your understanding of IP law but to understand a candidate’s vision for IPSA.

You may fill out the questionnaire as a group or as an individual candidate, but if you apply as a group, please fill out one questionnaire per person in the event that there are not enough board positions available to accommodate the number of people who express interest.

If there are not enough board positions to accommodate the number of people who express interest, we will hold a vote based on individual questionnaires and possibly speeches. The voting class will consist of 2016-2017 IPSA members (i.e. dues paying members) and those 1Ls who expressed interest in IPSA during launch week tabling. The exact format of the voting process is to be determined.

Past IPSA members have also offered to help effect a smooth transition by supplying Pepperdine’s policies and procedures; turning over documents pertaining to past events, themes, and fundraisers; and supplying interested alumni contact information (conditioned on their consent).