Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and the Law Announces 2019-2020 Editorial Board

April 10, 2019 | The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and the Law is pleased to announce the JBEL Editorial Board for 2019-2020:

Nicolena Farias-Eisner

Managing Editor:
Clayton Calvin

Literary Citation Editor:
Timothy Crawford

Business Editor (Production & Finance):
Dana Johnston

Lead Articles Editor:
Ali Ghassemi

Note & Comment Editors:
Roy Aviram (Fall)
Dana Johnston
Tori Votino

Symposium Editor:
Tori Votino

Business Editors (Marketing/Online Forum Content):
Roy Aviram (Fall)
Ali Ghassemi

Associate Editors:
Roy Aviram (Fall)
Tori Votino (Fall)
Dana Jonston (Fall)

The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law is proud to announce this year’s Janet E. Kerr Achievement Award, which is awarded to the best student-written note or comment:

Clayton Calvin:

Ministries of Truth – Free Speech and the Tech Giants

JBEL is also proud to announce that the following student-written notes and comments have been selected for publication in JBEL Vol. XIII:

Aundene “Ace” Szmolyan:

Disunity Among the United States: Navigating Net-Metering Without Getting Electrocuted

Ali Ghassemi:

Drawing the Line: Can A Lawyer Invest In Their Client’s Business Without Crossing An Ethical Line?

Dana Johnston:

Foreign Arbitral Awards and the Second Circuit: Enforcement Considerations for Annulmets

Nicolena Farias-Eisner:

Gender Diversity in Corporate Boardrooms: Do Equal Seats Mean Equal Voices?