Maureen Weston Quoted in “Are college basketball graduation rates at an all-time high” — Politifact

February 7, 2018 | Professor Maureen Weston is quoted in the Politifact article, “Are college basketball graduation rates at an all-time high, as John Calipari said?” The article considers the debate about whether college athletes get a quality education under the current system, or if academics are a distant priority.

Excerpt from “Are college basketball graduation rates at an all-time high”:

Maureen Weston, co-director of the Entertainment Media & Sports Law Program and a law professor at Pepperdine University, said schools are under intense pressure to track grades, academic progress and graduation success rates. But she believes most schools are diligent about educating student-athletes, even if some fall short.

“My experience with student athletes in the classroom is excellent,” she said. “I’m convinced the discipline it takes to excel at sports transfers to the classroom in most cases.”

“But the pressures to win and meet standards with jobs and funding on the line can cause temptations to fudge numbers,” she added.

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