Pepperdine Law Recognized in “Most Diverse Law Schools” — PreLaw Magazine Winter 2019

March 21, 2019 | Pepperdine Law has been recognized in the Winter 2019 issue of PreLaw Magazine, titled “Most Diverse Law Schools.”  Pepperdine Law received an “A-” in a report on law school diversity. Additionally, Pepperdine Law is ranked #5 in a report on “Most Devout Christian Schools.”

Excerpts from PreLaw Magazine:

Most Diverse Law Schools

This year, 60 law schools made our honor roll, which is determined by evaluating the percentage of minority faculty members and the percentage of students in five racial groups and comparing those to national averages.

[Pepperdine Law on page 39]

Most Devout Christian Schools

No.5 Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, Calif.

At Pepperdine, social events and official ceremonies begin with prayer. That’s a significant part of the school’s culture. “It is not unusual that business meetings will likewise be convened with a request to God for prudence, understanding and guidance,” the school’s website notes. “Many of Pepperdine’s professors and administrators take the time to spiritually encourage and pray with students and others who need the care that those who profess faith are called to give.” Pepperdine is affiliated with Churches of Christ, but students of all faiths are welcome.

[Pepperdine Law feature on page 25]

The online version of the magazine may be found here