Pepperdine Law Students Help Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Reach 100% Settlement

September 12, 2018 | On Friday, September 7, Pepperdine Law students in the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic participated in the IRS Thousand Oaks first Pro Bono Day and helped to achieve an unprecedented success: 100% of the unrepresented taxpayers who attended the clinic reached a settlement. Pro Bono Day provides its participants free tax advice and the chance to talk with Pro Bono attorneys two to three months before the Tax Court’s calendar call.

The organizers reported that the 100% settlement rate is the highest seen since Pro Bono Day was started in the Southern California IRS Offices. The superb efforts of the participating clinics, IRS attorneys, TCOs, and RA, have not gone unnoticed. This achievement even caught the attention of IRS management, Division Headquarters, National Office, and even the National Taxpayer Advocate’s office.

Most importantly, every participating taxpayer expressed a sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in Pro Bono Day. Previously frustrated taxpayers conveyed that after attending Pro Bono day they had a feeling of being understood, listened to, respected, as well as educated, and informed.