Pepperdine Law Survives the Legal Education Crisis But May Not Survive the World Series

October 23, 2018 | A serious rift emerged in the Deans’ Suite this morning when Associate Dean Victoria Schwartz showed up for work in Dodger blue on the opening day of the World Series between the Dodgers and Red Sox.The blue garb might appear as a harmless gesture when living in the greater Los Angeles area. Little did she know a tempest awaited her in the Dean’s Suite.

As fate may have it, Dean Paul Caron grew up in Boston, and he has been a lifelong fan of the Red Sox. When he showed up to the weekly Deans’ meeting this morning wearing a vintage Red Sox tie, the sparks began to fly. East vs. West, Red vs. Blue, Fenway Park vs. Dodger Stadium, Clam Chowder vs. Dodger Dogs…

Dean Caron, supporting his loyalties with data (naturally), immediately referenced the rich history of success the Red Sox have historically enjoyed — playing in twelve World Series and winning eight. Dean Schwartz countered by noting the Dodgers’ twenty World Series appearances and six titles.

The conversation quickly spiraled into smack talk about who would win the first game tonight in Boston.  When the other deans joined in the fun, Dean Caron felt both imminently confident and somewhat alone as a spot of red in a sea of blue.

We are Pepperdine Law, after all. Let us root, root, root for the home team.

Whose team are you on in the saga of a Dean’s Suite divided? Let us know in the comments!