President-elect Jim Gash Presents “Pepperdine’s Footprint in the Developing World” — Pepperdine Seaver College

April 17, 2019 | Pepperdine President-elect Jim Gash spoke to Seaver College students and university special guests on “Pepperdine’s Footprint in the Developing World.” President-Elect Gash reflected on the divine collisions that have shaped his life and work, from his beginnings as a lawyer in Los Angeles to roles including Specialist Advisor to the Ugandan High Court and Director of Pepperdine Law’s Sudreau Global Justice Program. Drawing from his experiences on over twenty trips to Uganda, many taken with Pepperdine students and alumni, he discussed Pepperdine’s calling to advance the cause of justice worldwide.

Joining President-elect Gash were First Lady-elect Joline Gash, who spoke about her reflections as she prepared to bring her young family to Uganda, and Andrew Khaukha, member of the Governing Council of the Judicial Training Institute for the Ugandan Judiciary, who expressed his gratitude for Pepperdine Law’s involvement in improving Uganda’s judicial plea-bargaining system.

The presentation, which was part of the Pepperdine Libraries Speaker Series, took place in Elkins Auditorium on April 16.